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Fake dietary supplements from China

Chinese Shaanxi OWENS Industry Ltd. delivered fake-NMN

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SGS, FDA and ISO 9001 Certified Chinese Biotech Company, Producer of Anti-Aging Agent NMN, Shaanxi OWENS Productions Ltd. (listed at Alibaba) convicted of fraud

(FDA = US Food and Drug Administration - SGS = Societe Generale de Surveillance SA, Geneva)

This fall, a book will be published that may "change the world." It was written by (Harvard) Prof. David Sinclair: "Lifespan: Why We Ageā€•and Why We Don't Have To" His research was worth a title story to the German magazine SPIEGEL two years ago:"Sterben war gestern (Dying was yesterday)" (SPIEGEL 3/2017). The book will tell the general public about a substance given to mice that not only stops but can reverse the aging process in these animals: NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).

David Sinclair is now world famous and caused a run on this 'miracle substance', but the production of NMN is very expensive. In Europe, research by Sinclair is not well known because it is very difficult to obtain this substance. In the USA this is (already) different: NMN is already widespread there and there are different producers. Prof. Sinclair said in an interview that is available on YouTube, he himself takes 1 g NMN per day. From a producer in the United States 1 g NMN would cost between 10 and 40 dollars!

In the past year, a study was published that described a cheap(er) method of producing NMN. And since then, the number of providers of NMN on the Chinese Internet platform Alibaba explodes, offering NMN relatively cheap (for a price of $ 1 to $ 5 per gram). And this NMN is bought by European and American retailers and filled into capsules for the European and American markets or packaged as a powder and distributed on platforms such as Amazon.

There is a problem for the providers who want to act responsibly towards their customers. If you want to check if the substance you bought in China is really NMN, and if so, how pure this substance is, then you will rarely find a laboratory in Europe that can help you. The editors asked numerous laboratories in Germany and Switzerland for an analysis, but all laboratories refused on the grounds that there was (still) no standard procedure for the analysis of NMN.

This is the situation of the Chinese biotech company Shaanxi OWENS Productions Ltd. apparently taking advantage to offer a particularly inexpensive NMN (via the portal Alibaba), knowing that customers in Europe have virtually no chance to review the quality of this product (which has not yet been approved as a dietary supplement in Europe).

At Alibaba, OWENS Productions boasts a number of truly meaningful certifications: they are proven to be ISO 9001 certified and FDA certified. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificate can be downloaded from their Alibaba ad. The parent company of OWENS Productions, Sgonek, is also SGS-certified and this certificate then also applies to the subsidiary, OWENS Industry Ltd.

The editors have bought in confidence on these certificates from the company NMN.

As described, the editors had to realize that there is no way in Europe to have the quality of the substance supplied checked. But a really unfortunate coincidence came to the help of the editor: The package with the (supposed) NMN was subjected to an analysis by Swiss customs on suspicion that the contents of the package could be (forbidden) drugs. And it turned out: The substance analysed is NOT NMN, not nicotinamide mononucleotide (this is the substance that Prof. Sinclair is researching), but it is the (much cheaper) nicotinamide.

Confronted with this (and subsequently further) analysis results, OWENS has the insolence to simply question the expertise of the Swiss Customs Laboratory, and also a laboratory ultimately found in the US by the editors, specialized in the analysis of NMN.

We have both the FDA and the SGS informed about the fraud and there are investigations.

However, the public should learn about it as soon as possible so that many more do not become victims of this fraud.

Of course, the editorial stuff will be available for further questions (by phone and by email).

Dr. Peter Niehenke
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editor in chief
Peter Niehenke, Ph.D.

And these are the documents to proof the fraud:

In dem unter diesem Abschnitt abgebildeten Brief des Schweizer Zolls wird als Versender nicht Shaanxi OWENS Industry, Ltd. angegeben, sondern eine Firma namens Sgonek. Aus Gründen, die nicht eruiert werden konnten, wurde diese Sendung Nicotinamid nicht von OWENS direkt verschickt, sondern von dieser Firma Sgonek. OWENS behauptete, sie seien eine Tochterfirma von Sgonek (sehen Sie dazu einen Ausschnitt aus einer Konversation mit der Repräsentatin von OWENS zu diesem Thema hier), was Sgonek allerdings bestreitet ...

In the letter from the Swiss customs depicted below this paragraph, the sender is not Shaanxi OWENS Industry, Ltd., but a company called Sgonek. For reasons that could not be determined, this shipment was not sent directly by OWENS, but by this company Sgonek. OWENS claimed that they were a subsidiary of Sgonek which Sgonek denies (see here an excerpt from a conversation with the OWENS representative on this subject).